30m Alphine

Rooney's is proud to stock Zimbabwe's largest marquee - our 30m Alpine is able to be extended up to 80m offering 2400 square meters under one roof! This marquee is ideal for exhibitions, conferences and church functions.

Uprights: 14 Max. 2 Min.
Height: 10.00m
Length: 80.00m Max. 20.00m Min.
Width: 30.00m

60m x 24m

Using a traditional peg and pole system, this marquee is ideal for any large event. A firm favorite in the market for large weddings and celebrations - this marquee will make a huge impression on your event.

Uprights: 2 Per Section
Height: 9.50m
Length: 60.00m Max. 30.00m Min.
Width: 24.00m

100' x 50' (30m x 15m)

Rooney's has been stocking this best seller tent for over 30 years - it is widely used in the market for any medium sized event, you can't go wrong with this traditional peg and pole marquee.

Uprights: 3
Height: 7.00m
Length: 30.00m
Width: 15.00m

80' x 40' (24m x 12m)

Following in the footsteps of it's larger sister tent (100' x 50'), the 80' x 40' Marquee has done Rooney's and our clients proud over the years. This marquee is perfect for any medium sized event be it a wedding or a corporate cocktail party.

Uprights: 3
Heights: 6.00m
Length: 24.00m
Width: 12.00m

60' x 40' (18m x 12m)

One of the smaller peg and pole marquees Rooney's offers, our 60' x 40' marquee is a top choice for any small intermit affair.

Uprights: 3
Height: 4.80m
Length: 18.00m
Width: 12.00m