Aladdin 12m x 9m
$316.25 / $347.88 (A/B Grade)
Free Form Tents

Rooney's is proud to stock the FreeForm range of tents. Offering you a stylish, cost effective option for a cover at your next event, the stretch tent or Bedouin tent is ideal for any garden or corporate function. Our Lounge and cocktail furniture is a great accessory to these modern unique tents.

Sizes on Offer:
25m x 15m FreeForm - White - $695.75
10m x 15m FreeForm - White - $379.50
10m x 15m FreeForm - Black - $379.50
*We are able to join the various sizes with gutters to make up different configurations

Canadian 12m x 6m
$316.25 / $436.43 (A/B Grade)
Canadian 9m x 9m
Canadian 6m x 6m
$158.13/ $316.25 (A/B Grade)
Canadian 6m x 3m
Pinnacle 6m x 6m
Pinnacle 5m x 5m
Pinnacle 4m x 4m
Pinnacle 3m x 3m